Series One


Voodoo Soup – Ever make a wish by tossing a coin into a wishing fountain? You may think twice after hearing the tales of these four subjects.

The Grave Robbers – Goat and Boomer are not the smartest of thieves and they get quite a surprise when they dig up a coffin that’s been buried for centuries.

Duel of Battle Alley – Two men face off with dueling pistols in a town alley due to one man’s temper. However the man’s anger turns to fear with the outcome of the gunfight.

Death Driver – Danny was a normal kid until tragedy strikes his family. He spirals out of control killing people with his car. The Grim Reaper takes notice and recruits him for his own deadly deeds.

Ice  Cream Man – There’s a new ice cream man in town and his delicious creamy cold treats will give four young kids a little more than they bargained for.

The Tree – Children come up missing year after year around Halloween and the culprit is a child eating tree that must be stopped.

Stone Hollow – Jeff moves into a new neighborhood and is warned about not venturing out during Halloween night…for good reason.

The Halloween Party – The annual family tradition Halloween party with family and friends…and a little someone extra to really haunt the evening. 

Class is Dismissed...or is it? - A non-believing newspaper reporter scoffs at the idea of his old country school being haunted. He meets with the teacher to discover some students never leave.

The Abandoned - An asylum was closed and all patients were relocated to another state hospital…but were they all? A few teens decide to venture in to find more than they expected. 

Some stories may leave you wondering…is this it? Is there more? Well, perhaps. Some of the endings are left “up in the air” as they say, so that perhaps one day, in another story, in another book, they...may...return.