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Not your typical ghost story…


Freelance writer Carter J. Stanton never really had an opinion either way about the existence of ghosts…that is until he moved back to his home town of New Point after a fifteen year absence. While writing a Halloween article for the town’s local magazine, Carter’s research turns up many ghost stories throughout the town. Stories from the Mayor, the Inn owners, the locksmith and even his best friend started making him a bit of a believer.


However it wasn’t until Carter met and fell in love with Emma, and then moved into “Raven Manor” that he started to experience ghostly hauntings for himself. After a few months Carter comes to experience more than a few bumps in the night. His new girlfriend Emma doesn’t seem to be herself. You see, taking over her body, mind and soul is a ghost from the past; Nina.


At first the experiences are horrifying to Carter, but then something unexpected happens; he gets to know Nina and then falls in love with her. Carter must then choose his love for Emma or his new love for Nina.



NINA - A Novel

Want to know more about the backstory of NINA? The "Behind the Scenes" and the process of writing the book?

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